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Full Version: [CA11] Missing heading vector
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I don't see a heading vector on my Axioms running LH3.7. The heading option is checked on. (I do see the COG vector when that option is selected).

I believe heading data should be available. I've got an ACU-200 w/EV-1 on the network operating correctly with the Axioms.

What am I missing?
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum danderer,

It is recommended that you try setting the Vector Length to Infinite (select the Heading and INFINITE VECTORS options from the vessel context menu). Unlike past operating systems, the heading vector will be displayed as a solid black in systems running the LightHouse 3 operating system rather than a solid red line that had been used by earlier MFD operating systems.
Tested your suggested fix and did indeed see the heading vector. Thanks.

An issue for me is that I am often following a route. The default route color is black I believe, and so the heading vector can easily get lost.

It would be nice if the vector color and default route colors were different. Sure, I can change the route colors, but I need to remember to do this every time I import a new or updated route.

Unfortunately, the LightHouse 3 software (v3.7.70 at the time of this response) neither features support for configuring a default route color (to also be used for imported routes when a leg color attribute had not been specified within the GPX file) nor for specifying the color of the heading vector. That said, a feature request will be logged to consider these features for inclusion within a future LightHouse 3 software update.

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Thanks Chuck.

Those would be useful additions. However, I had more time to explore this over the past few days and I realize the reason I could not see the Heading vector was not because it was hidden by routes, but rather because heading doesn't show at all unless the Vector Length is Infinite.

Is there a valid reason for that behavior, or is it a bug? The Adv Op manual doesn't seem to mention this.

Personally I like to run with a defined vector length (6 mins typically) and would rather not choose between that ability and having the Heading display.

The reason for recommending that a customer set the vector length to infinite when having such issues is that they are often attempting to solve issues with the heading vector while the vessel is tied dockside or not making way. As a vessel which is tied dockside or not making way will have no speed and accordingly should have no time based vector rendered (i.e. the vector has zero length). Setting the vector length to infinite will permit the vector to be viewed under such conditions. As you are now aware that the heading vector's color is black, it is recommended that you consider editing the route to assign a color other than black to its legs to permit one to then distinguish the heading vector from the route's legs.
Sorry I wasn't clear.

I'm seeing that when underway, the Heading vector will not display unless the Vector Length is set to Infinite. At the same time the COG vector displays correctly at settings other than Infinite.

Axioms running LH 3.7.

All vectors are dependent upon having a GPS position FIX from which the vectors will extend. The COG Vector is calculated from Course Over Ground (COG) and Speed Over Ground Data (SOG) data received from the system's GPS data source. The Heading Vector is calculated from Heading (Heading) and Speed Through Water (Speed) data. Heading is typically provided to the system by an autopilot, instrument compass, GPS compass, or gyrocompass. Speed Through Water (Speed) data is typically provided to the system via a transducer (instrument or fishfinder) featuring an operational paddle wheel or via an ultrasonic speed through water instrument transducer. When one commands the system to create vectors of infinite length, Speed Over Ground (SOG) and Speed Though Water (Speed), if any, are replaced within the vector calculations by infinite SOG and speed values. Hence, it is possible for a system which has not been fitted with a Speed Through Water (Speed) sensor to display a Heading vector of infinite length.

One may determine whether the system is fitted with Heading and Speed Through Water sensors by simply configuring the Chart application to display the HEADING and SPEED data items as Data Overlays. Should either of these data items report a value which is dashed, then no operational sensor responsible for that data item has been fitted to the system.
Ah. So the heading vector, when not set to Infinite, requires STW. The COG vector uses SOG.

I don't have STW so the behavior I see is consistent with that explanation.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.
You're welcome.
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