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Full Version: [DG11] ST60 Tridata
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I have onboard my sailing yacht a set of Raymarine instruments:
C80,ST60 Tridata,ST60 wind and ST6001 autopilot.
All units connected with sea talk .ST60 Tridata is connected to a speed\temp transducer and to a depth transducer
Everything works fine but I want to make it more comfortable :
I am getting SOG reading on the c80 ,I am not using the speed transducer that is connected but is not inserted and just rest aside.(no need to speed but SOG,and turning wheel get fouled after short period)
So the speed on my Tridata shows 0 at all times.
Is it possible to get the SOG on the Tridata speed screen in those big figures ??.
The only way I could have the SOG on the speed screen was while on user cal.
while choosing the SOG option of calibration,but it only show as the small figures on the bottom and disappear after I leave the user cal screen.
I understand that the SOG appears together with the current transducer speed to allow differential calibration.
Can I do it ?
Hi Alex,

Thank you for your enquiry,

The St60 Tridata will not display SOG on the speed display and it is reading 0 because the paddlewheel is stationary.

The current version of the Tridata, the i60, can however be set to display SOG by accessing the dealer calibration and turning the Speed transducer input OFF

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