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Full Version: [TG11] wheres the TVG on Axiom sonar
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hi anyone tell me why my TVG adjustment doesn't come up on screen when i hit the settings adjustments button...the Gain,intensity and SF is displayed but no TVG as mentioned in the manual?
i have the most current LH3 update installed?
Hello woodie7,

We've changed the name we use for the control because Time Variable Gain tended to confuse people, not many people knew what that actually meant. Depending on your product/software combination you'll see it referred to as TVG, Noise Filter or Surface Filter, but they're all essentially the same thing. SF is your system's TVG. Surface Filter is my personal preferred name for this because it most clearly describes to the unfamiliar user what the control actually does: preferentially supresses near-surface clutter.

ok thanks for the explanation...bit confusing when the manual (lh3.7)has a screen shot with TVG and SF on screen..
Section 10.6, p160? There is a line to the effect that the controls you see depend on the sounder type in use, but I agree that it's not very clear.

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