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Full Version: [CA11] Wildly wrong depth reading
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This is sort of a follow-on to my previous post entitled "Using an old transducer with a new plotter".

I installed my two new MFDs, one an Axiom Pro 9 RVX and one an Axiom Pro 12 S. The former is master. My existing B60 transducer is attached to the master MFD with the adapter cable that Chuck recommended in my previous thread. After installation, all components in my system were updated to the latest software versions.

Now, to my problem. When I power up my system, master first of course, about half the time I get a depth reading of about 1000 feet while at the dock! I checked to make sure that both ends of the adapter cable were firmly and completely connected. The only thing I've found that "corrects" the problem is to shut everything down and restart. Sometimes this works, sometimes not. If there's a repeatable pattern, I haven't found it.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help.

What is the actual depth below the transducers at the dock? Which version of LightHouse 3 software is installed within the MFDs? Have you installed the CPT-120? If so, did you use the LightHouse 3 Data Sources feature (HOME->SETTINGS->NETWORK->DATA SOURCES) to specify which of the sounders will be used for the Depth value to be used within the system? The chosen Depth data source will be used for the Depth value reported within the Dashboard, Data Overlay, and Sidebar features, as well as within all other compatible system devices which are capable of reporting the Depth data item.
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