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Full Version: [CA11] How can I rearrange MFD apps on the Homescreen
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Lighthouse 3 lets me add and delete additional MFD app instances, but I don't see a way to rearrange apps into an order that suits me. Is there a way to move an existing app to a new position on the Homescreen - same or a different page?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum spellegrin,

LightHouse 3 software is not designed to support moving page icons to a different location on the Homescreen. Instead, as with LightHouse II software, LightHouse 3 software is designed to permit the operator to redefine/customize each page icon to open a page having the number of application panes defined by the user and to assign a desired application to each of the page's pane. This process is initiated by holding one's finger pressed to an icon on the Homescreen and then selecting CUSTOMIZE from the context menu which is displayed. Detailed information on this subject may be found within Chapter 5.4: Creating/Customizing an App page of the [url= 3.7 Advanced Operation Instructions[/url].
I was thinking of each icon like an iPhone app, immutably tied to, say, charts. If that was the case, I would have to move "charts" to a new position on the screen. The Lighthouse 3 approach is a little atypical compared to what many phone/tablet owners will be used to, but I now understand how to make it do what I want.

Thanks for your help, Chuck.
You're welcome.
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