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Full Version: [CA11] Speed display on Raymarine E15023 Smart Pilot Controller
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Last weekend I installed a Raymarine E15023 Smart Pilot Controller. I have attached a network diagram showing how I connected the Smart Pilot into the existing network which includes a eS127 MFD, ST8001 Autopilot Controller and a S3G Autopilot Computer .

I noted the E15023 shows depth, heading and functions correctly in controlling the autopilot / direction of the boat. However it is not displaying speed. This is odd as vessel speed is correctly displaying on the MFD. Is there something I need to change or configure for it to display speed?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum hynespa,

Has the eS127 MFD been interfaced to a fishfinder transducer having a paddlewheel speed through water sensor? Has the engine system been interfaced to a speed through water sensor featuring a paddlewheel?
Thanks for your reply. I’d rather see SOG displayed instead of STW which I care less about. Can I have the SmartController display SOG obtained from the GPS in the eS127 MFD instead of STW being displayed via a paddle wheel or pitot tube?

The SmartController is indeed capable of displaying SOG (speed over ground) from the interfaced Raymarine system. Please refer to the How do I change page content section of the SmartController User's Guide for instructions concerning how to change the data items which are displayed on a page.
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