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Full Version: [TG11] Raymarine 12"chartplotter
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I bought a boat 6 months ago which is fitted with a 2006 model Ray 12" chartplotter.
How do I update the software is it just a matter of putting the Ray card into the slot on my computer and going online?

Please advise
Hello Popeye46,

That sounds like you probably have either a C120 Classic or E120 Classic. If that's the case, software and update instructions are at http://www.raymarine.com.au/view/?id=3751 and http://www.raymarine.com.au/view/?id=3753 respectively.

The problem you'll have nowadays is finding a Compact Flash card that's small-enough capacity that the simple software upgrade bootloader can access it reliably. C & E Classic MFDs tend not to be able to be software-upgraded from cards larger than around 128Mb. That's tiny by today's standards but was big when these displays were designed. Cards of that size are very hard to find now, you may be best getting your local technical dealer to do the update for you, if the display needs one.

Attempting the upgrade from a larger capacity card won't damage anything, it just probably won't even start the upgrade process.

you can find 128mb cards on eBay


good luck with the up date

I recently bought a C120 to replace my C80. It had the latest update, version 5.16 which disabled RADAR overlay. I was able to download v.4.30 onto a 64mb card I got on Ebay. Following the instructions at the above link I was able to upload the older version. Everything works great now.
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