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Full Version: [DG11] Integrating E85001 into Stng
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I have installed a new Evolution Autopilot with ACU400 that powers the backbone. I have connected the E85001 Seatalk side to the STNG using the Converter cable (E22158) with bare wires Yellow and Shield. On the other side of the NMEA bridge I have connected the R,Y, Sh from the Seatalk netowork, with the red connected to a fused power source. All the NMEA instruments are displaying data and passing this to the P70 Control head.
On the NMEA outputs I have a VHF and Navtes receiver connected but there is no data passing from NMEA to NMEA0183 and the LED lights are dead. The testing protocol on the Forum is a little confusing, there was no voltage between Yellow and Shields, does that mean it is faulty or are there other diagnostics/reasons for this not firing up.

Photo of wiring attached in E85001

Hi MBileckyj

I believe that you have been in contact with me and my colleagues in our support team via telephone and email.

As we discussed yesterday, the instruments you have are connected through SeaTalk and not NMEA and you indicated the SeaTalk instruments were correctly passing data through the E85001, through the E22158 SeaTalk to STng converter and showing data on the p70 control head.

You advised the vhf and the Navtex were not receiving NMEA position data and that the LEDs on the E85001 were all unlit.

Assuming that you have GPS data on the STng network, then this implies the E85001 has a failed NMEA interface and so is not outputting any NMEA data.

To obtain NMEA position data for the vhf and the Navtex, the best solution is to use an Actisense NMEA 2000 to NMEA0183 converter, connect this to one of the white Spur connections on STng and then connect the vhf and Navtex NMEA input wires to the NMEA0183 output of the Actisense converter.


Thanks for for the response, I thought the forum was US centric, so good to know. Have decided to rip out the E85001 and install a Miniplex 3 as advised on another thread.

Hi Myron,

The US and UK share the same forum,

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