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Full Version: [CA11] i60 wind to Seatalk1
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Have an set of ST60+ instruments all seatalked1 together. The Wind instrument has died (yes I ran volt checks and Masthead seems ok). Since the ST60+ does not seem to be supported/repairable at this point I am getting an i60 Wind. Is this a plug and play if I get the right cable or do I need a black box of some sort to make it play nice on the old network? I am guessing all I really lose if I don't integrate it at all is wind vane mode on the autopilot. There are no repeaters.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Kim,

As far as connecting the transducer to an i50/i60 instrument, i50/i60 instruments are plug and play with respect to replacing a ST60/ST60+ instrument. While i50/i60 instruments are designed to support either SeaTalk or SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 communications, they feature a pair of sockets which are designed to accept a SeaTalkng Spur Cable rather than a SeaTalk 3-pin press fit plug. Raymarine offers the A06047 400mm Adapter Cable to permit i50/i60 instruments to be connected to closely located products having a SeaTalk 3-pin press fit socket. For devices supporting SeaTalk communications which are located further away, the A06047 400mm Adapter Cable may be connected to a D244 SeaTalk Junction Block to which the cable having SeaTalk 3-pin press fit plug (currently connected to the ST60/ST60+ instrument's SeaTalk socket) may then also be connected.
Thanks got the cable and installed today. Install is tight in the old ST60+ [censored] instrument is fine but the suncovers are thicker so in an ideal world the spacing should be another 1/4" or so from the old instruments on the Nav pod.

But new instrument has same problem as old (wind speed reads 0.0) Pretty confused as volts to/from mast head read as I believe they should. Showing 2v in very light wind on the wind speed (Yellow) and I can see the needle bounce with the pulses. It was higher the other day when there was more wind. Guess I order a masthead and take a trip up. aaargh!
You're welcome.
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