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I have added an axiom into my n2k system which has a Maretron WSO100 weather station. The Axiom is my only MFD and I need to enable some of the PGN's coming from the WSO100 as well as adjust the offset calibration for my DST150 triducer.
Can this be done with the Axiom?


Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ron,

Q1. I need to enable some of the PGN's coming from the WSO100
A1. Nothing need be done within the MFD's settings to utilize PGNs specifically from the WSO100 ... unless the system features more than one source of data for wind. If more than one source for wind is present within the system, then the LightHouse 3 Data Sources feature (HOME->SETTINGS->NETWORK->DATA SOURCES) will be utilized to specify which source will be used for each type of data for which more than one sources is present within the system.

Q2. Adjust the offset calibration for my DST150 triducer.
A2. Negative. The only third party instrument transducers which may be calibrated, offset, or have alarms set in conjunction Raymarine products with are Airmar's P79, DT800, and DST800 NMEA 2000 transducers. These transducers require that the system feature an i70S/i70 Multifunction Instrument Display (MFID) or ST70 MFID.
Hi Chuck and thanks for your answers. On the first question: I am getting wind speed and direction but the WSO100 does not enable humidity, air temp or barometric pressure by default so they must be enabled before any pgn's will be transmitted.
So, will I be able to enable those other pgn's?

On the other question, I think I might be replacing the Maretron DST150 (Airmar) anyway so I'll take a look at the Airmars that you listed.

Thanks again,


Raymarine products are simply designed to repeat supported data items which are present on the SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone. Barometric pressure, air temperature, and humidity are among these supported data items and no configuration of the MFD need be performed other than to configure a panel of the Dashboard application to display these data items. Should the NMEA 2000 device require configuration to enable transmission of this data within the corresponding PGN, then such configuration must be performed in the manner specified by the manufacturer of the NMEA 2000 device. Any such configuration of the third party device would not be supported by the MFD.
Thank-you, that's what I needed to know.

You're welcome.
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