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Full Version: How to connect Icom M400-BB to Axiom 9
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I have an Icom M400-BB VHF that I want to connect to my Axiom9 so the radio will share the GPS information. The Icom radio has two wires one is marked connect to NMEA out negative line of a GPS receiver, the other is marked connect to NMEA out positive line of a GPS receiver. The wires are bare ended no connector is attached. How do I connect the two units together and what parts do I need? Any help will be appreciated.
Hello WayneC,

That's NMEA0183.
NMEA0183 is 1980's technology which we're phasing out from our products because it's so limited. The Axiom range don't support NMEA0183, though the Axiom Pro range do.

If your display is actually an Axiom Pro 9 then you'd use its NMEA0183 output (yellow +ve, brown -ve on the power cable, see p43 of the installation manual at https://raymarine.app.box.com/s/ina9jmo5...25ika8zz5e for details).

For Axiom 9 (non-Pro), you'd either need a convertor between NMEA0183 and modern NMEA2000 (something like the Actisense NGW-1 would be suitable) or to look at updating to a VHF that directly supports the modern NMEA0183. You'd connect the convertor or new NMEA2000-compatible VHF to the Axiom via an NMEA2000 network, which will have a backbone-and-spur layout with a network power supply and 2 end-of-network terminating resistors. For general information on our NMEA2000 implementation, SeatalkNG, see the STNG Reference Manual, or the NMEA's briefing presentation.


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