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Full Version: [DG] replacing ST50's with I-series
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Have read on the forum that the old St50's can be replaced with i50's, retaining existing transducers (check compatibility) and can be connected to the Seatalk1 network using adapter cables. My instruments are the older versions with round plugs, not the "banana" shaped plugs on St60's. Can the i50's be linked to these also?

HI Myron,

The i50 displays can be used to replace ST50 displays and the ST50 transducers can be used with the i50 displays.

You will need to change the wiring.

First - the transducers for ST50 use round plugs, these will need to be cut off, the cable bared back and 1/8" female spade connectors crimped onto the transducer wires, these can then be connected colour for colour to the transducer connections on the back of the i50 displays.

Second - there are two ways of connecting the i50 to the system, I recall you have both a SeaTalk network and an STng network. you can either connect the new i50 displays direct to spur connections in the backbone of the STng network and the i50 displays will work on STng.

You can remove the round SeaTalk 3 pin plugs and bare the existing SeaTalk cable back, then cut off the flat SeaTalk connector on the 'banana' shaped SeaTalk plugs and hardwire them together colour to colour. You will also need some STng to SeaTalk 3 pin adapter cables A06047 to connect the STng connector on the back of the i50 displays to SeaTalk, note the STng connection on the i50 uses the same multipin connector for either STng OR SeaTalk, note that the i50 can operate EITHER on STng or SeaTalk, but not both at the same time.


Depth transducer is type P19, not on the compatibility listing?
Dear Myron,

In theory your old P19 depth transducer will work with the i50 instrument. However, due to the age of the transducer it is highly advisable to replace the transducer when replacing the instrument.

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