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Full Version: [CA11] Ev100
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Just received my autopilot and stumped out of the box. With regard to the ACU-100 and the Seatalk ng screw terminal next to the rudder terminal am I to understand, I have to cut one of the sealed plug connections off the black and blue backbone Seatalk ng cable and lay bare the five wires within the backbone cable so I can individually attach each wire to the screws at the Seatalk ng five screw terminal?
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Negative. Per Chapter 4.3: ACU-100, ACU-150 connections of the Evolution EV-1 and ACU Installation Instructions, the ACU connects to the SeaTalkng® backbone using the supplied Spur cable, not a Backbone cable. A Stripped End Spur Cable is provided within the kit to accommodate this end. As shown within the diagram below, this Spur cable will be connected to a spur socket (white) within a T-Piece of 5-Way Connector within the backbone.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2446]
Thank you. I subsequently found the Spur pig tail under the package material.
You're welcome.
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