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Full Version: [CA11] Raystar 125 works on seatalk with c120 but not with rl70c?
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Hi. As question title, this raystar 125 with a new battery works perfectly running in seatalk through a c120, but shows no led lights at all, and no fix, running on the same seatalk cable, through an rl70c. Can you advise what the problem might be?

Based upon the symptom reported, it would appear that the GPS sensor is not being powered. Unlike the C-Series Classic MFDs, no power is available from the hsb/hsb2/SL Pathfinder Series Radar, Chartplotter, and Fishfinder Displays (ex. RL70C, RC530, L760, etc.). Accordingly, a R55006 SeaTalk Auxiliary Junction Box was packaged with these displays to permit the SeaTalk bus (which in this case includes only the RS125 GPS Sensor) to be powered. A diagram of this junction box and how it would interface to a SeaTalk GPS Sensor may be found below and detailed within the Using the SeaTalk Auxiliary Junction Box section of Chapter 8: Installation of the hsb2 PLUS Series Color LCD Display Owner's Manual.:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2445]

Should your Raystar 125 GPS Sensor's cable have been spliced to a SeaTalk Cable, then to simplify interfacing the GPS, you may simply want to use a D244 SeaTalk Junction Block and a couple of additional SeaTalk Cables of appropriate length. The Raystar 125 GPS Sensor's Cable would be plugged into the D244 SeaTalk Junction Block. A SeaTalk Cable of appropriate length would be used to connect the D244 SeaTalk Junction Block to the display's SeaTalk socket. Finally, the second SeaTalk Cable would be plugged into the D244 SeaTalk Junction block, its other plug would be cut off and its sheathing striped back remove its inner leads. The cable's red lead would be connected to a switched +12VDC power circuit. The cables shield lead would be connect to -12VDC. The cable's yellow lead will not be used and will be insulated to prevent shorting.

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Ok that makes a lot of sense. Thankyou!
You're welcome.
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