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Full Version: [CA11] Ev100 Proper Torque for BSP Adapters to Pump
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I have a simple questions . . . what is the proper torque or “feel” for the BSP to NPT adapters fitted to the hydraulic pump since, tape and compound are prohibited? What’s “tight” enough for the BSP adapters? Thanks.
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Like most such hydraulic or threaded plumbing fittings used within an automobile or within one's home, no torque has been specified for the BSP to NPT adapters included the hydraulic pump. One would typically tighten these fittings with a box wrench until the fitting has been firmly tightened. Following installation, connections to the pump would be examined for signs of leakage and then further tightened if any signs of leakage are observed. I did find a web page on related torque for hydraulic fittings on a hydraulic product manufacturer's web site which may be viewed here.
Don't forget thread sealant!

I have been using what was recommended by Raymarine many years ago,
Loctite 542.

Thank you so much for your advisement on 542. I would have certainly missed that brand of sealant which appears far better than what I traditionally use.
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