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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom STW
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We just installed an Axiom 12 RV on a customer's boat. The system includes a T70318 RV212 pair, an A80492 Y-cable and an A66091 (B744V). The problem is trying to display STW. The STW shows "0.0". I switch the transducer selection to the B744V it still shows "0.0". When I go back to the transducer selection I see that the transducer has reverted back to the RV212. What am I doing wrong?
Thank you.

Marty B.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Marty,

STW (Speed Through Water) source selection is not achieved via transducer selection or fishfinder channel selection. Should the Fishfinder application's 50kHz or 200kHz Sonar channels have been configured to specify that a B744V transducer has been interfaced to the fishfinder (assumes that your B744V is a compatible fishfinder version of this transducer rather than the instrument version of this transducer), then it would be necessary to determine which Speed Through Water source has been configured (HOME->SETTINGS->NETWORK->DATA SOURCES->SPEED THROUGH WATER) to be used by the system ... please respond with this information. Please additionally specify which version of LightHouse 3 software is presently installed within your Axiom MFD.
The transducer is an A66091
LH version 3.7.70
The only devices on the network are the Axiom 12 & Quantum 2 radar.

Did you select the STW source per the command sequence specified within my prior response? Did you also specify within the Fishfinder application settings of the 50kHz or 200kHz channel that a B744V transducer has been interfaced to the system. If so and the problem persists, then please note that a speed source is being detected as the reported speed is 0.0 instead of dashes ... when the vessel is moving through water? If so, then this may then indicate that the paddle wheel may be fouled or the speed sensor portion of the transducer has failed. Accordingly, it is recommended that the speed/temp insert be pulled, inspected for fouling and to ensure that the paddle wheel rotates freely. If so, then the speed insert should be tested ... rapidly spinning the paddle wheel should result ins sensed STW. If not, then the transducer's speed/temp insert should be replaced.
The STW choice shows as the Axiom 12.
Since we are getting a STW reading of "0.0" I'm thinking that the boat yard may have installed the blanking plug instead of the speed insert.
System diagram is attached.

Thanks for the additional information. I would recommend inspecting/testing the B744V's speed insert per my earlier response.
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