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Full Version: [CA11] RD218 passes all diagnostics but shows no image on c120
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Thanks for your previous instruction Chuck.

My RD218 on the c120 shows no image (perhaps a tiny speckle of a few pixels where there is land), but seems to pass all self tests and diagnostics...(at least, there are no 'fails' and no '0's where there shouldn't be, but whether the values that are present are within specification, i wouldn't know). The same radome shows a much better, albeit somewhat blocky image when connected to rl70c (separate system: I know that the rl70c is not compatible with c120), but I can't run diagnostics on this mfd, as I can't find how to in the manual (can you advise?). The radome rotates and is recognized by c120, passes all diagnostics, no problems apparent at all, except no image.

How can it apparently pass all self-tests, but show no image on the c120?

I am aware that this same problem is mentioned on the raymarine.ning pages, but none of their links seem to work anymore, and this problem always seems to be associated with at least one or two display based 'fails' on the diagnostics page, which makes me think maybe the problem might be me, not the radome...

Many thanks for your expert advice.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Yourmomm,

The Radar diagnostics of a C/E-Series Classic MFD may be accessed via the command sequence MENU->SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS->EXTERNAL INTERFACES->SCANNERS. Both Diagnostics and Self Test Results may be accessed via this command sequence. However, given the problem reported, there may be
- a fault with the radome's settings (command a scanner reset (accessed from the Radar application's Advanced Radar Setup menu (MENU->RADAR SETUP->ADVANCED RADAR SETUP),
- a fault with the radar cable (test the radar cable and replace if found to be faulty),
- a fault within the radomes circuitry (radomes which were designed to be compatible with the C-Series Classic MFDs may no longer be serviced by Raymarine's Product Repair Center), or
- a fault with the MFD's radar processing circuitry (not likely, as the problem has been duplicated with two MFDs).

Should the scanner reset not correct the problem and should there be no fault identified with the radar cable, then the fault would appear to be rooted within the radome's circuitry, necessitating its replacement.
Thanks again Chuck. Sorry I should have said, the cable is fine (works perfectly with an older raytheon radome). I will try the scanner reset this evening, and report back. But I was trying to access scanner diagnostics on my rl70c, not the c120 (I can do this already on the c120, and they all check out). Does the rl70c have a similar function?

Many thanks

Q. Does the rl70c have a similar function?
A. Yes. When viewing a full screen Radar page, select MENU->RADAR SETUP, and then hold the ENTER button pressed until the Built-in Test function key option is displayed.
Ok, done, reset scanner. This is odd. I think I've fixed it (had to cut and reconnect all cables in the scanner cable, where it connects with the scanner, as the solder was brittle and coming apart), and now I have a normal looking image, both on c120 and rl70c. C120 diagnostics are all still passed, but rl70c diagnostics are registering fails on cable test status, receiver supply 12v, receiver supply -5.9v, receiver supply 5v and IF tuned. Both mfd's seem to show working radar, though. Is it ok just to ignore these fails, and hope for the best? (The rl70c is my boat system).

Q. Is it ok just to ignore these fails, and hope for the best? (The rl70c is my boat system).
A. I would recommend purchasing and having a replacement radar cable on hand ... before they are no longer available. Since the introduction of the Digital Radomes many years ago, all of the currently produced radar cables are designed to support Ethernet communications rather than analog video.
Thanks for your help.
You're welcome.
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