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Full Version: [DG11] Quantum 2 Radar
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Hi, i want to buy a new Quantum 2 radar, to change the old one RD 218 2KW 18" Radome.

The suport of the old radar it's compatible (Foto)?
You recomend the model with cables, or not? I have a Axiom Pro 9.
The wifi connection is good?
If i have a connection with a cell phone or a display, it can interfer with the connection with the radar?

Hi csmatos,
Thank you for your enquiry,

I am afraid there was no Picture attached, but the Quantum will fit to the Bracket used by the RD218 18" radome.

The WiFi connection works well in most situations, but it can be affected by metal structures around the display and wireless interference just like any other Wireless device. If there is any doubt about location or interference, then use a cable.

Generally using a cellphone on the boat will not affect the Quantum wireless.


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