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Hi. I'm looking to buy a triducer for my dsm300 and raymarine instruments.

The raymarine website says I need a B744V. But I heard there are two types of the b744v, one which is compatible with the dsm300, and one which isn't? Which is the E66061? If not this, what is the part number for the transducer I need? Cheers
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Yourmomm,

Four versions of the B744V transducer are currently available (an analog instrument version, a NMEA 2000 version, a version designed for use with Ax5-Series Classic MFDs, ax7/cx7/e7d/ex7/eSx7 MFDs, and for the CP370/CP300/DSM30/DSM300). The version which is designed to be directly mated to the CP370/CP300/DSM30/DSM300 is the A66091 version of the B744V.
Thanks Chuck. In relation to a future upgrade path, is the A66091 data compatible with the i70 multifunction instrument display? I dont need to to know how to do this, at this stage, just whether it can be done.

Thanks again.

Should the MFD which is interfaced to the DSM300 in turn be interfaced as a spur to a powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone and the i70/i70S MFID also be interfaced as a spur to the same backbone, then the i70/i70S should be capable of repeating depth, STW, and water temperature from the A66091 B744V transducer.
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