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Full Version: [CA11] ST60+ POwer but no speed or direction
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I have a 2009 vintage ST60+ wind instrument. It had been working fine. It powers up but shows nothing for wind speed or direction. Arrow just points straight up and no wind reading. Instrument at top of mast is spinning and pointing fine. Any thoughts?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Russ,

The reported issue may be rooted within the wind transducer or within the wind instrument itself. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to test the wind transducer. If found to be faulty, it should be replaced. Should no fault be found with the wind transducer, then the fault would be deemed to be within the circuitry to the wind instrument. Unfortunately, Raymarine can no longer service ST60/ST60+ instruments and it would typically be recommended that the faulty wind instrument be replaced with an i50 Wind Instrument (instrument only). The communications circuitry of i50/i60/i70 instruments is designed to support either SeaTalk or SeaTalkng Communications, permitting them to be used not only within systems featuring currently manufactured products, but to also be used to replace products such as the ST60/ST60+ instruments, which featured a SeaTalk communications interface.
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