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Full Version: [CA11] What is the difference
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I have an older Dragonfly that I bought when they first showed up on the market. I was curious to what the difference is from that $700 I paid for it to those on the market to day for half that price.
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From a features standpoint, the original Dragonfly and Dragonfly 7 Fishfinder/Chartplotters differ from the second generation of Dragonfly Fishfinder/Chartplotters (Dragonfly 4 Pro, Dragonfly 5 Pro, and Dragonfly 7 Pro) only in the size of their respective screens. Physically, the two generations of Dragonfly Fishfinder/Chartplotters differ in the designs of their buttons, their mounts, the location of the chart card reader, and the design of the transducer. Both first and second generation Dragonfly displays run the same software. The original Dragonfly displays were introduced in 2013 (approx. 5-1/2 years ago). Like most products, the retail price of a product will generally be greatest when the product debuts and often decreases as the product ages and needs to remain competitive with respect to pricing.
Thanks Chuck. I appreciate the reply.
You're welcome.
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