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Full Version: [TG11] How can I lower the minimum height of 33 feet in the UAV app?
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How can I lower the minimum height of 33 feet in the Initial height after Take-off in the UAV app?
your app would not allow me to decrease it under 33 feet. This is very inconvenient considering Mavic Pro initial height after take off is ONLY 3 feet.

I like to have it hover at 10 feet-12 feet after Initial take off or fish-on so my boat in the drone video can look a lot Bigger than it looks.

33 feet minimum or 3+ stories high is simply too tall.

It does allow me to increase the height to more than 33 feet.
Hello ray18,

33' / 10m is indeed the minimum that our software currently allows. The thinking behind this is that the platform that the UAV is launched from is in motion, so we want it to rapidly rise about the boat's superstructure to avoid risk of a collision. For example, if a user points their flybridge cruiser upwind and goes to idle or neutral to launch from the cockpit, the boat could drift back down on the UAV after launch if it doesn't lift quickly.

I agree that this doesn't necessarily suit every user, but this is one of those occasions when we've needed to make a compromise and chosen the safer option.

Hello ray18,

ok, thanks - silly me. I guess I can always bring the drone lower and closer to me manually after take off and have it hover or follow me to get better videos.
Yes, sorry, I think that's how you'll need to do it. Good luck with the filming,
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