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Full Version: [LW11] axiom fuel data
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I'm using an Axiom 12 and have somewhat successfully connected to a Suzuki Df 140 for the purpose of receiving fuel data, I found the well hidden engine data option menu's and am happy with the result ie: fuel tank level, litres per 100 klm.
So my question is, can I populate that side slide out menu with this data?
I'm running the latest LH3 software
Thanks Mark
Dear mark d,

Thank you for posting on the forum.

Are you referring to the slide out data boxes on the left hand side of the screen when in an app, like chart or radar? These can be edited but are limited to data like wind direction and speed over the ground. You will not be able to populate these with engine data.

If you hover over one of the data boxes, a smaller box will appear with edit, touch this and the selection of data options available for this menu will appear.

Many Thanks
Thanks Louise for the quick reply,

Is it likely that fuel/engine data could be an option in future LH3 updates?
Thank Mark
Dear mark d,

Many thanks for your reply.

It is certainly a feature request I can put forward to our product managers for future software releases.

Many Thanks
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