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Full Version: [TG11] I70 - No Apparent Wind Speed
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I've been asked to help fault-find a newly installed wind transducer that is not reporting Apparent Wind Speed. Both the i70 and a7 in the system report a constant 0.0 Knots and has been for a week in all wind conditions. The direction works just fine.
I updated all software this afternoon and performed the test outlined in a previous thread.

The measurements were.

1. Red to Shield - 8VDC
2. Blue & Green to Shield - Both varying with wind direction, both within 2.0 - 5.8VDC
3. Yellow to Shield - 3.34VDC (Constant)

The wind speed was very low when I performed the test, probably 2-3 knots. The voltage never changed from 3.34VDC and I used an analog meter also to try and detect the pulse. At no stage did I see a change in voltage or any needle flicker.

The wind transducer is connected to an ITC-5, this is also connected to a DST 800 which is working well. As already mentioned, the wind direction is correct and functioning.

One last data point, the voltage of the ITC-5 yellow (wind speed) terminal on the ITC-5 is 3.34VDC with the yellow transducer cable disconnected. Voltage on the latter being 0VDC.

Can you please advise on your recommended next steps for me to take? Are there any further tests I can perform to positively identify the fault part, ITC-5 or transducer?
Thanks for your help.
Hello PetrelMarine,

If you're getting a stable voltage between yellow and shield when connected to the ITC5 then the problem isn't likely to be the ITC5, it's most likely to be between the windvane and masthead connector/cabling. The most common cause is someone not having supported the windvane when tightening the locking collar on the windvane masthead connector, so that the windvane's not fully inserted and the locking collar isn't fully sealing the connector and moisture has got in. That could bridge between red and yellow for example and cause this sort of problem. Other than that, I'd say a windvane fault I'm sorry to say.

Thanks Tom
Time for a trip up the mast I guess...
Good luck with it.
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