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Full Version: [CA11] Powering a MFD off of the boat
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Powering a MFD off of the boat

It is not uncommon for owners of MFDs to remove their MFDs from the vessel for the purpose of gaining experience with the MFD's controls and features during the off season. MFD have a simulator feature to aid in understanding and practicing use of the MFD's features. To operate the MFD off of the vessel, it is recommended that an extra power cable and a third party regulated 12V DC power supply with a rating of at least 6 Amps (ex. Pyramid Pyramid PS8KX, etc.) be purchased. 1/4" banana plugs (ex. POMONA Banana Plugs, etc.) can also be useful in permitting the MFD's power cable to be quickly and easily connected/disconnected from the power supply. The part number for the MFD's power cable may be typically be found within the Spares chapter of the MFD's installation guide. Please click here to view a FAQ where customers may purchase Raymarine product parts as well as to determine availability and pricing of these parts.

When connecting a MFD's power cable to a power supply for operation off of the vessel, simply
- connect the drain lead along with the black power lead of the MFD's Power/Data Cable to the power supply's negative terminal; and
- connect the red power lead of the MFD's Power/Data Cable to the power supply's positive terminal.

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