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Full Version: [CA11] Cut.through transducer cable
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Just installed the Axiom 9 in my boat using the previously installed 744 transducer. I then cut all the way through the transducer cable. Can I solder each wire together? How do I handle the inner (aluminum/copper?) wrap?
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lease click here to view the FAQ addressing this subject.
What are my options to reconnect the transducer? My current setup was recommended my Raymarine.

Previous recommendations wouldn't / shouldn't have specified that you cut the cable of any existing fishfinder transducer which was later going to be used with an Axiom DV or Axiom RV MFD. Please see the previously referenced FAQ addressing why splicing of fishfinder transducer cables is not recommended / supported.
I guess you aren't understanding my issue. I ACCIDENTLY cut.through the cable, thinking it was to an old transducer. So what you are saying is my only option is to replace the transducer, which means hauling my boat out and removing at least one of my engines.

Q. So what you are saying is my only option is to replace the transducer.
A. This is indeed what I am advising ... or install an in-hull transducer if seeking to avoid hauling the boat. Alternatively, should you proceed with splicing the transducer cable back together (i.e. keep leads as short as is permissible, splice leads of the same color to one another, including the shield, and ensure that the splices are waterproof), no guarantees could be made with respect to the performance of the Fishfinder application's 50kHz and 200kHz Sonar Channel performance. Any damage caused to a fishfinder's circuitry resulting from a faulty transducer cable splice may void the fishfinder warranty.
Your response is awesome - thank you. What material is the shield made out of?

My splice is temporary - I do plan on installing the correct transducer in 6 months.

Aluminum is commonly used for such shielding. You may want to consider contacting Gemeco, Inc. (Airmar’s US distributor (803 693 0777)) to confirm the which material has been used in the construction of the shielding within you B744V transducer's cable.
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