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Full Version: [DG11] ST4000 Steering input
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I have ST 60 wind, dept and speed via Seatalk1 connected to my ST4000 autopilot and Pathfinder radar display.

The GPS/navigator is 3 party vendor and i am looking at a C-series second hand MFD as replacement. Probably a 2 unit C70 installation.

Seatalk1 connection will give me wind, speed and depth at the MFD.

Q: But how does C-series MFD transmit tracking data to ST4000. will it come via Seatalk1 or the NMEA input on the ST4000 only.

Regards from Denmark
Dear loevevang

Thank you for your enquiry.

The C series, c70, c90 or c120 are only single station units and cannot be used to repeat the video, charts, radar etc . . . .

The c70 will supply track information back to the ST4000 via SeaTalk - which is a bi direction bus, assuming that you connect SeaTalk between the c70 and the St4000.

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