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Full Version: [CA11] Bluetooth connection for Axiom
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I have discovered a bug in the bluetooth connection for my Axiom system. I have an Axiom 12 and 7 networked. I have a Fusion RA70 that is not in the NMEA network.
The Fusion connects to the Axioms via bluetooth. It works well when using the Spotify app on the Axioms. I am able to control the play/pause and forward/backward skip from the Fusion but only when the Spotify app screen is up on the Axiom. When I close the Spotify app screen and use chart, radar, etc, Spotify continues to run in the background (the music continues to play and Spotify advances to the next song as normal) but you can no longer skip or play/pause using the Fusion unit and you have to close whatever Axiom screen us up and go back into the Spotify app so the controls will work.

This seems like a simple software bug to me. Can you fix this in an update?

Thank you,

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Pat,

The operational characteristics which you have described are not indicative of a bug, but rather a limitation in the current design of LightHouse 3 software. In short, once the Apps feature closed, the design does not provide the controls which you have referred to. This same limitation is common to all apps executed by the Apps feature within LightHouse 3 software. That said, a feature request will be logged to consider addition of some basic controls such as you have referenced to be accessible when the Apps feature is closed.

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Thank you, Chuck. Just to be clear, it is the Play/Pause/Skip controls on the Fusion to which I am referring, all that work as intended when the Spotify app screen is up on the Axiom. And again, Spotify keeps playing music when the app screen is closed but the Fusion Play/Pause/Skip controls no longer communicate with the Spotify app when the app screen is closed and the app is running in the background.

I realize this may sound trivial at first glance but it really is a pain to have to close navigational and / or sonar screens just to stop or change the music streaming from Spotify.

Seems like this would be a simple fix.

Thanks again.
Noted, and you're welcome.
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