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Full Version: [CA11] Problem updating HD Radar Software
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Hello All, I am new here and totally new to Raymarine, thanks in advance for taking the time to read about my question.
I recently bought a Formula 40PC 2016 equipped with Raymarine electronics, it came with an E127 MFD, P70 Autopilot and I70 MF Instrument.
The previous owner never updated the software so I proceeded to download the latest version of LightHouse 2 to V19.xx, everything went smooth and after the update of the E127 was completed i proceeded to update all the other components and again everything went smooth but for the 4K HD radar. Every time I tried to upgrade it, the process starts ok, and at about 47% completion in the process the icon for the radar in the lower right of the e127 goes from Radar to No Radar and the process stops, after this the displays keeps showing "No Radar" until after power is cycled and by power cycled i mean shooting the power off to the whole unit, just turning on and off the E127 won't make the unit discover the radar again. Previous version of the Radar software is 3.xx new version is 6.XX (sorry about the XX. don't remember the exact versions off the top of my head.
Thanks guys for your help
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum JaRod,

Raymarine has produced no end user software updates for Digital radomes, HD Digital radomes, HD Open Array pedestals, or SuperHD open array pedestals. All software for these products is installed at the manufacturing or Repair Centers. Any such updates would have been associated with the replacement of a hardware component within the radar transducer which in turn required software specific to its use. Any suggestion by the software update process to update the software within one of these radomes should be ignored and the radar transducer should not be selected to be updated.

When the circuit for Digital radomes, HD Digital radomes, HD Open Array pedestals, or SuperHD open array pedestals remains powered ON while the system's MFDs are switched OFF, then the radar transducer will go into sleep mode after approximately ten minutes of communications loss with the system's MFDs. A has been indicated within this Forum, it is considered to be a best installation practice that radar transducers be powered from a dedicated switched power circuit which may be switched ON/OFF to awaken the radar transducer from sleep mode. As you have suggested, switching the MFD OFF would have no effect upon awaking the radar transducer from sleep mode. Later changes to the radar circuitry, most commonly within its I/O processor board, have made such occurrences of not awakening from sleep mode less common.

In summary, if the radar transducer awakens from sleep mode when the circuit supplying power to it has been cycled OFF and then ON again ... and the system's MFDs either remain ON or have been switched ON within approximately ten minutes of the radar transducer having been switched ON, then the system would be considered to be operating as designed. However, should the MFD not recognize the radar transducer after having cycled power to it, then it would be recommended that the troubleshooting and actions specified within the FAQ found here be exercised.
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