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Full Version: [CA11] i60 Wind System Anemometer Failure
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Hello -

I bought an i60 wind sensor and display (mechanical) in on 3/17/17.

Over the last 3 months it has intermittently displayed bad wind speed readings. Right now it's varying between 0 and 99.9 knots in a steady 15 knot breeze.

Now it never works (i.e. it always shows random numbers).

The wind direction works fine.

I have reconnected it at the mast head and at the display to rule out a flaky connection. All contacts looks shiny and new.

The wire to the masthead was new installed with the masthead unit.

I am currently in Easter Island and will next travel to the Marquesas, so clearly a warranty repair is very complicated for me.

I have an oscilloscope I can use to debug, if a technician can give me directions.

SY Quasar
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jordan,

The fault may be rooted within the wind transducer, its cable, or within the i60 Wind instrument itself. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to test the wind transducer and its cable. Should testing identify a fault with the wind transducer, then it would need to be sent to one of Raymarine’s Product Repair Centers to be bench checked / serviced. Similarly, if no fault is found with the wind transducer when tested, then the i60 Wind instrument would need to be sent to one of Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced. Repairs may be booked via the link found on Raymarine Warranty & Repairs web page (link provided above).
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