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Full Version: [TG11] EV150 and S100
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My boat is Yanmar 29 Ft 170Hp.This Septenber I remove SPX wheel drive syste and setup EV150. It is working well but S100 is not comunicate EV150. S100 is seatalk and EV150 is seatalkng so,introduced seatalk converter and set up S100. Signal strengs is enough but press PILOT key then NO PILOT displayed on S100. Kindly inform me what shall I do.
Hello Sallama,

Is the ST1-STNG convertor running a recent software version? Old software (very old) couldn't interface pilot data.

Have a look in the S100's setup and make sure that it's configured with boat type of Sail or Power, not Fishing. Fishing only applied to the retired S1000 pilot specifically.

Finally, it's sometimes worth doing a de-registration and re-registration of the S100 to its base station (back of the S100's user manual.) That solves most integration problems.

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