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Full Version: [CA11] Replacing Fluxgate compass
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Can I replace the failed Autohelm/Raymarine M81190 fluxgate compass with a Digital Yacht HSC100 fluxgate compass. The HSC100 is NMEA 0183. Do I wire the HSC100 into the Type 100/300 AP or into the ImuxST multiplexor? Many Thanks.
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Unlike later autopilot course computer designs, the Type 100/300 autopilot course computers were not designed to accept heading data from a NMEA 0183 source. While the HDG NMEA 0183 data sentences is listed among the supported input sentences, the Type 100/300 autopilot course computer was only extracting variation from this NMEA 0183 sentence. Accordingly, this course computer must be used with the M81190 Fluxgate Compass.
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