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Full Version: [CA11] Voyage Planner on Mac Computers
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I want to report that I am able to successfully run Voyage Planner on a Mac Computer by using the latest version of Parallels Desktop and MicroSoft Windows 10 to emulate a Windows PC. This is working great for me because I have able to now use Navionics on my laptop to plan routes and use a microSD card to transfer routes/waypoints to and from my Axiom MFD. Additionally I recommend to use a mouse instead of the Mac trackpad when planning routes; much more accurate.

More information can be found in Fugawi Knowledge Base post, "Can I run Fugawi Marine 5 in a virtual Windows environment on a Mac OS X computer?" located at:
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum argus,

Thanks for sharing your experience and we're glad to learn of your success. For those who may be viewing this thread, please note that Raymarine's support position with respect to support for Voyage Planner remains that support is limited to its use with the PCs running the Windows operating system.
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