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Full Version: [CA11] RADAR and Reflectors
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I just purchased a used Trawler this past Summer. It came equipped with Raymarine RADAR mounted atop a short mast. I would like to mount a RADAR Reflector on the mast as well (probably a vertical "stick" type). If I mount the reflector next to the RADAR unit, will there be interference with either unit? This about the only place that the reflector will fit.
On my sailboat, I mounted a Tri-Lens reflector about midway up the mast. This worked quite well.
And...do I even need a Reflector? I do plan to cruise up and down the East Coast.
Thanks Much.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum,

Radar reflectors should be located above or below the radar's beam (beam angle is typically +/- 12 degrees from horizontal). As for whether a radar reflector would be advised for one's boat, it certainly couldn't hurt. Should other vessels in your marina be equipped with radar and be accommodating, you may want to test how well your vessel is picked up by another radar at various distances.
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