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Full Version: [CA11] Silent mode on c80 and ais 700
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another question please..sorry..
on my c80 it is possible to switch in silent mode my brand new Ais 700 directly from the Mdf, or I need to add a switch on the positive cable?
Thank you for the reply.
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Antonio,

Unfortunately, software switching of Silent Mode was not included within features of C-Series Classic MFD v5.16 software. Accordingly, the AIS700's Silent Mode leads would need to be used to switch the AIS700 into and out of Silent Mode when used with a C-Series Classic MFD.
Many thanks Chuck,
so for silent mode I have to connect the 2 cables "Silent + e, Silent - " where? Directly to the nmea 183 cable of the mdf? If so, whit the white, brown, green or yellow cable?
Or maybe you was meaning a switch between this 2 cables ? Grazie.

The AIS700's Silent leads will be connected to a common marine grade ON-OFF switch. Closing the circuit (ON) will cause the AIS700 to enter Silent Mode. Opening the circuit (OFF) will cause the AIS700 to exit Silent Mode.
Many thank's

You're welcome.
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