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Full Version: [CA11] Radar Cable Replacement
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I've been asked to clean up a Raymarine radar installation for a customer. The existing install is a bit of a mess which is why I think the owner is having issues with it. It's an a7 connected to a digital color radar using the standard RayNet/Power cable.

However the radar data cable has been cut in two places and butt spliced, at the mast base and at the a7, with about 6" of RayNet cable at the a7. The connections aren't the best and are un-supported and un-sealed. i.e

15ft Power/RayNet -|Splice|- 20ft Cat-V -|Splice|- 6" RayNet

I'd like to run a new 10M Raynet-Ethernet(RJ45) cable to the mast base, and then make a solid connection to the existing radar cable and was thinking about using the Raymarine RJ45 to RJ45 waterproof coupler after having terminated the radar end with a shielded RJ45 connector.

I was just curious if you think there is a better way to do this job without having to re-run a new radar cable. Open to suggestions.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum PetrelMarine,

As indicated within the FAQ found here, Raymarine offers Digital Radar Extension Cables to avoid such issues. Accordingly, if seeking the best recommended solution, it would be recommended that the Digital Radar Cable inside of the mast be replaced with a Digital Radar Extension Cable of appropriate length to reach the bottom of the mast. A Digital Radar Cable would then be connected between the Digital Radar Extension Cable and the MFD or HS5 RayNet Network Switch.

If not considering replacement of the Digital Radar Cable inside of the mast, then it would be recommended that shielded RJ45 (M) plugs be crimped onto the Ethernet leads of the Digital Radar Cable and that a R32142 RJ45 to RJ45 Waterproof Coupler be used to join the Ethernet portion of the cable segments to one another.
Thanks Chuck
Sorry I missed that FAQ post.
You're welcome.
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