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Full Version: [DG11] Problem with NG to Seatalk adapters
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Most of our system runs on an NG network, but we also have a lifetag system, a remote controller and a seatalk to nmea 0183 converter that need seatalk, so we utilise a NG to Seatalk adapter. This fails almost every day, sometimes after 30 minutes, sometimes after 6 hours, but when it fails, there is still power on the seatalk interface (which does not have its own power supply) but no data is transferred between the NG and Seatalk networks. We have applied the latest software to the adapter and even bought a second adapter to replace the first assuming it to be faulty, but the same occurs with both.

The NG network has two Axiom Pro mfds, some st70+ displays, instrument pods, some st70 displays, an autopilot, a 260 vhf and a p70 autopilot controller. I cannot think of anything else to test to rectify the issue. Any help would be greatly received.
Hi Derek,
Thank you for your enquiry

Please can you sketch out how the system is connected? for example the SeaTalk and the STng network, location of power supplies, what is feeding what and where the terminators are?

Please also check the voltage in the system

Are there any other symptoms at the time the converter appears to stop working?

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