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Full Version: [DG11] Frustrations with Raymarine 260 vhf
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Having recently upgraded from a 240 to a 260 vhf we are struggling with the dual watch feature, which is essential for our sailing.

On the 240 you could enable dual watch with a simple press of a button. On the 260 the option is buried in a menu system now requiring 7 (from memory) button presses to enable it. What’s more, as soon as a transmission is made the dual watch is cancelled so the button presses must be repeated.

Is there a shortcut to enable a simpler and faster access to dual watch?
Hi Derek,

Set the second channel up, there are two steps to switch to the second channel.
This would be slightly different if you are setting up USA channels as the US enforces the second channel to be channel 9 and so you would need to select tri watch in that case.
The below instructions should clarify this.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=2477]

Thanks for the info. I understand how to set the channel up etc., but is there a quicker way to start dual watch without the multiple button presses of the menu system?
Dear Derekbreth,

Thank you for your response.

With the Ray260 there is no quicker way to setup the dual watch mode. Only the watch mode instructions that were previously sent on this thread.

As this product is now retired, there will be no further changes to the product.

Many Thanks
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