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Full Version: [LW11] Radar compatible with c-Series Chartplotter
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I have an old standalone JRC radar with an LCD screen that I want to replace with one that will integrate with my Raymarine c-Series MFD. Despite being only 4 years old, the new Raymarine radars are, typically, not backward compatible.

Does anyone know which radar/s are compatible with the c-Series MFDs? I'll see if I can find one somewhere so the more specific you can be the better ... model name or number, serial number range, firmware version, release date and so on.

Many thanks in advance.
Dear L'Aureline,

Welcome to the forum.

Please find below a a table of compatible radars from the C-Series classic handbook.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2483]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2484]

Below are the model numbers for these radars;

M92650 = 2kW 18” Radome Pathfinder Analogue
M92652 = 4kW 24” Radome Pathfinder Analogue
M92654 = 4kW O/A Pathfinder Analogue
M92655 = 10kW O/A Pathfinder Analogue
M92650-S = 2kW 18” Radome Analogue C/E Series
M92652-S = 4kW 24” Radome Analogue C/E Series
M92654-S = 4kW 48” O/A Analogue C/E Series
M92655-S = 10kW 48” O/A Analogue C/E Series

Many Thanks
Louise Williams
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