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Full Version: [CA11] Silent mode via C80 Mdf for ais 700
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Hallo to everybody,
I cannot find on my Raymarine c80 charplotter the possibility for
switch in silent mode my new ais 700
It is possible ?
Here the menu I use to check:

My C80 is updated at the 5.16 version.
this is what shows me the menu chart:

Object information : All ON
Vector Width : Normal
Record vessel: Auto
Track interval
Datum: WGS 1984
Chart offset
No AIS OBJECTS on this page, and no in all the other pages

When in Menu > ais layer setup> there are:

Display target type: All
Ais safety Messagges: On
Ais alarm List

No SILENT MODE is showed in this page.

Can you check and help me please?
it is very important to be able to put the system in silent mode sometimes..

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Have you satisfied all of the requirements listed therein to display AIS data within the MFD's Chart application? If so, then AIS targets should be plotted on the MFD's screen and listed within the MFD's AIS List. Unfortunately, my initial response had incorrectly referenced the command sequence for commanding Silent Mode via an E-Series Classic MFD instead of a C-Series Classic MFD. Please refer to my updated response to your previous thread addressing Silent Mode.
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