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Full Version: [CA11] Enabling accurate wind data
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I have a motor yacht with a Rotavecta wind transducer, i70, iTC5 converter, p70 display, EV-1, ACU-400, AIS, and e127 + e125 MFD. I would like to be able to get accurate wind data.

As of right now, it seems that I can get wind speed at the dock along with direction. Someone recommended getting the Wind Vane instead of the Rotavecta but they both seem to have the same feature set - wind speed and angle? Why would I want to switch to the Wind Vane transducer?

I would like to get somewhat accurate wind data while underway. It does not need to be perfect (I have a motor yacht not a sailing yacht) and I thought the system would be smart enough to be able to continue to calculate wind speed and angle while under way using the gps, autopilot sensor, etc but I could not get it to work. Based on some reading, I think that I need a paddle wheel transducer to enable accurate wind data while under way?

If so, do I simply get the ST69? Can it do temperature as well (something that I also wanted to add)? Where would it get wired into? Do I need any other devices or once I add that I should be all set?

Thank you!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum mystery,

A properly calibrated Rotavector wind transducer is most definitely capable of providing a system with apparent wind data, whether the vessel is stationary or underway. Please note that the placement of a wind transducer has much to do with the accuracy of the reported wind data. Optimally, a wind transducer will be placed above and/or away from structures which may alter the direction and speed of the wind sensed by the transducer.

In this case it sounds at though you my be seeking to have the system report Ground Wind data (i.e. the speed and direction of the wind with respect to a fixed point on the earth's surface). Please click here to view a FAQ addressing the definitions of true and apparent wind as well as the data required to calculate each. As indicated therein, should you desire to view Ground Wind data, then your system has all of the required data inputs. You need only configure the MFD to display the Ground Wind data items.
Thanks Chuck

All I want to be able to tell is wind speed and direction while underway. I like to compare it to what was forecast. So that does seem to fit your Ground wind definition.

If I have all of the data inputs necessary for ground wind (rotavecta input, gps, and compass heading), then I need to dig why I can't get that to display. There are no special settings? Just select the databox from the list of options?

Q1. All I want to be able to tell is wind speed and direction while underway. I like to compare it to what was forecast. So that does seem to fit your Ground wind definition.
A1. Indeed, forecasts do not include apparent wind data, they include apparent wind data. As indicated within my initial response, you will need to configure the Databar, Databoxes, and/or Data application cells in which you desire to view ground wind data to simply display ground wind direction and/or ground wind speed.

The a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs support the following three options for displaying ground wind data by your system:
- Customize the MFD's Databar to add Water Temperature
- Configure the application to display a Databox which has been configured to display Water Temperature
- Customize one of data cells within a Data application data panel to display Water Temperature.

Information concerning these data related features maybe found within the latest version of the LightHouse Multifunction Displays Operation Instructions.

The procedures below specifies how a Databox may be displayed and then populated with ground wind data. The MFD supports displaying up to two databoxes with an application (ex. Chart, Fishfinder, Radar, Weather, etc.) page/pane. Within the application being viewed use the following command sequence:
2. Select MENU->PRESENTATION->OVERLAYS->DATABOXES->SELECT DATA (menu option beneath Databox 1 or Databox 2)->WIND->GWD & GWS

The procedures below specifies how to customize the Databar to display the Water Temp data item:
2. Select the Databar cell to be modified
3. Select WIND->GWD & GWS from the Select Data menu
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