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Full Version: [LW11]Raymarine 100/300 auto pilot.
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Our auto pilot crapped out at the end of last season after a minor electrical fire on board. After we crashed the power to isolate the fore when we got the fire out and cleaned up figured out the source we reengaged the 12 volt power and our autopilot came up with no pilot error . After tracing and checking all wiring as well as applying new wiring in place of the old we still had a no pilot error. This autopilot has a below deck linear drive attached the the rudder quadrant. We have a 100/300 course computer that was working perfectly and interfaces with a C80 classic with all updates and worked so we could apply the pilot at the help or manipulate below at the C80 classic it all worked well till our fire. We have followed all troubleshooting she could find and cannot get it to talk to the ST6002 autopilot control head. All wires have proper voltage and there is voltage in the yellow setalk wire that lines up with the value it should be.

Rather than try t beat our heads some
More we want to replace the computer and the control head but can not locate what autopilot will function with the linear drive.

Can anyone recommend a system that is compatible with this 1988 technology with the linear drive. The only difference I can see is the the old 100/300 course computer has wiring for a clutch on the linear drive,

Any help
Would be greatly appreciated. Or if anyone has a spare 100/300 computer we could test and a St6002 that they know are in working order we would defiantly pay for it with shipping included. Please let us know.

Or anyone with a system that replaced the 100/300 please let us know what you upgrades from


Dale Shewchuck
SV La Marie Annik 1
Hi Dale,

We would recommend the current Evolution range of Autopilots to replace the early Type 100/300 Course Computer system.

A 1988 Linear drive would be compatible with the Evolution Pilot but we would need to know the type.
A Type 1 Linear drive would be suitable for the Evolution ACU200 and a Type 2 drive would be compatible with the Evolution ACU400 system. This is based on the current draw of the two drive versions.

The Course Computer type you have would also enable us to recommend the correct Pilot. – If you have a T100 then an Evolution ACU200 system would be suitable or if you have a T300 the Evolution ACU400 system would be the correct replacement Pilot.

May I suggest you take a look at our website or contact a local Dealer who can recommend the correct Autopilot for you.

Many Thanks
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