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Full Version: [LW11] E120 Classic not sharing charts
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Hi I have two E120 classics networked by a hs Ethernet switch- they are sharing depth and gps data ok but not charts (from card in master plotter) as I expected. I see now they are running different software versions - could this be the issue?

If so the snag is that one of the units cf card slot is damaged and so I am not sure how to update them both to the latest software? Is it possible to get a copy of an older update so they match?? Plotter with broken cf card is on version 3.22 and the other plotter is on 1.22 so I am looking for files for 3.22 upgrade?

Dear SteveRamage

Thank you for query.

You are correct, the E-Series will need to be on the same software level to be able to share cartography. My advice is to install the latest software version V5.69, send both of the units to our service department click here , our service engineers can upgrade the software and look at the faulty card reader.

Many Thanks
the units are heavy and old so not keen on posting them. Is it not possible to get a copy of one of the older update? I appreciate you would not recommend it but it would be very helpful?
Dear SteveRamage,

I have sent you a private message.

Many Thanks
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