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Full Version: [CA11] Sonar vs CHIRP Downvision
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Hi, I have an eSeries E165 with a CP-370 sounder attached to feed it depth information. I also have an aSeries a78 with CHIRP Downvision with no transducer attached to it. I am thinking about replacing my transducer (talks to the MFD via a Diplex-Ray). What are the advantages, disadvantages, of sonar vs CHIRP, i.e. which MFD should I get the transducer for? Thanks for any help or information.
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Like the 50kHz and 200kHz conical sonar supported by the CP370, CHIRP sonar (as Raymarine employs it) is also conical in the sonar ping produced. The difference is that CHIRP sonar pings across a range of frequencies to provide sharper imaging and better object detection than does conical sonar using fixed frequencies. The CHIRP/DownVision circuitry found with the ax8/eSx8 MFDs and CP100 CHIRP/DownVision sonar module transmit utilize higher frequencies and relatively low power, making this type of sonar applicable to relatively shallow waters. Additional information on the characteristics of the eSx8 MFD's CHIRP/DownVision sonar may be found here and here. When seeking to fish deep water (900'+ depths) it would typically be recommended that a CP470/570 High Power CHIRP Sounder Module with compatible 1kW CHIRP transducer be used. More information on CHIRP sonar technology, including CHIRP Tutorials may be found on this Airmar web page.
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