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Full Version: [LW11] Weird reading from the green cable from the windex
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hi there

I have my windex connected directly to the i70 and although I am getting wind speed, I am not getting direction
I have tested the voltage return and in the green cable and reads 7.01 continuously , while the other ones is around 5v nd varies as the wind moves

any ideas?


hello Loise

very sorry, I meant to say i60
the windex is connected to the back of the i60 and the niddle is continuously pointing straight (0 degrees)

when I checked the voltage of each cable the only one giving an abnormal reading was the green one, where the voltage is always 7.01v

Dear Andreshs1,

The reading between green and shield should be between 2 and 6 volts DC, the voltage should change as the vane is turned. If reading are found outside of this specification, it is to be assumed the masthead transducer is damaged so will require repairing or to be replaced.

You can book the transducer in for testing here .

Many Thanks
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