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Full Version: [CA11] axiom 9 pro rvx and Barracuda 8 Beneteau
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I am going to acquire the axiom 9 pro rvx.
Where could I get information about the necessary transducers
for the Beneteau barracuda 8 boat.
Do i need the rv200(one transducer) or the rv220(two transducer)?
What would be the best location in the hull?
For use the chirp module of 1Kw, is M265 (In-hull) or B265 (through-hul) necessary?
Thank you
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum siste3,

As you can see from Beneteau's AIR STEP 2 hull description and picture below of the AIR STEP 2 hull (shown from beneath the water), the hull is essentially a stepped hull.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2500]

In such hulls, sonar transducers must be located forward of the first step (counting aft from the bow) to permit the transducer or hull surface beneath the transducer to maintain contact with a non-aerated flow of water. Generally, the sonar transducer will be installed slightly forward of the first step. As this is a V-hull lacking a wide, flat, horizontal surface which would permit a 0 degree RV thru-hull transducer to be installed, the T70319 RV-220 or T70321 RV-320 transducer pair would be recommended if the deadrise in the location immediately forward of the first step is between 13° to 20° (recommend confirming with Beneteau or your Beneteau dealer). If additionally seeking 1kW CHIRP conical sonar, a A80012 M265LH or A80038 M265LM transducer would be recommended. If seeking 1kW 50kHz/200kHz instead of 1kW CHIRP conical sonar, then the A66089 M265 transducer would be recommended as long as the deadrise of the mounting locations is less than or equal to 30 degrees.
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