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Full Version: e125 issue
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I have an e125 connected to a sonar via a dsm 300 and also hooked up to a had radar.
On long passages this past two weeks, for 12-48 hours of continuous running the mfd periodically shuts off and reboots on its own. The last
time it did this it would not reboot. It only showed the first screen in the start up sequence, ie the lighthouse moniker. After five minutes I looked at the dsm and the yellow light was blinking in an eight flash sequence, ie the watchdog timeout reboot.
I cycled both the dsm/sonar and mfd breakers and the unit then returned to service in the normal fashion.
Is there a way to determine what is happening and/ or determine if the problem is with the mfd, the sonar or the dsm?
Hello Paul,

The simplest explanation for this is a marginal power supply at the electronics. This isn't to say poor battery voltage, more commonly it's a drop between the battery and the consumers due to a high-resistance connection somewhere - something loose or tarnished. Often the culprit is hidden under heat-shrink.

The 8 amber flashes on the DSM isn't itself an indication of a specific problem, it's quite normal for a period after power-up and can occasionally occur at other times. It might, in this instance, be indicating that the DSM has rebooted recently (this particular code flashes for 10 minutes after it first occurs.) The DSMs draw a fair bit of current for brief periods (milliseconds) when charging to ping and they can easily cause a supply dip that browns-out the processor on both the DSM and other products such as your MFD.

One way to test the theory would be to unplug the transducer from the DSM (power off the DSM before plugging/unplugging transducer cables) and run the system again, if you can do that without interfering with our use of the boat. If the problem is power, unplugging the transducer (preventing the DSM needing to draw lots of current to charge) is likely to make the MFD problem much less likely to occur.

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