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Hello, I had a c120 mfd with all of my waypoints saved, they were in the FSH format. I downloaded and used the Raymarine Converter to convert the FSH to GPX, I can see the files, however I cannot open them. What do I need to do to be able to get to these files? I once had the Raymarine software on my laptop, had hard drive issues, so its gone. Again, looking for guidance or software required so I can now get to all of these waypoints? Looking for help!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mike,

Please note that the FSH to GPX Converter Tool was primarily intended to address porting waypoint and route data from retired Raymarine products supporting Raymarine's proprietary FSH waypoint/route/track file format to Raymarine's currently manufactured MFDs supporting the more universally supported GPX file format. At one time, Raymarine had offered Raymarine Voyage Planner navigational planning software for use with either FSH or GPX file formats. However, Voyage Planner is no longer being sold and Raymarine has not yet released a replacement. While GPX files may be opened, viewed, and modified using Notepad (common to computers using the Windows operating system), most will opt to use any one of a number of third party navigational planning applications supporting GPX file format. Some of these third party applications are shareware (ex. OpenCPN) and there are many which may be purchased (ex. Rosepoint, Nobeltec, Navigation Planner, GPS Utility, etc.).
Hello Chuck, and thank you for the reply, can you offer insights as to which third party application might be most efficient and effective to access the data. ?? Appreciate the insight!

If seeking to simply view, edit, and create waypoints without the aid of cartography, then I would recommend GPS Utility. If seeking to plan waypoints and routes with the aid of cartography and use Navionics cartography, then Navionics presently recommended their NavigationPlanner software.
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