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Full Version: [CA11] Raymarine Axiom XL 16" Configuration/2kw Sonar
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Ready to pull the trigger on 2, Raymarine axiom XL 16".
Looking to do chirp sonar, rvx1000 or better, side scan, and need 2kw sonar to do 8000'-10000'.
What sonar boxes do I need, and transducers. Looking for bronze thru Hull with temperature.
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Fish On,

While the RVX1000 with thru-hull RealVision Transducer / Transducer Pair will support RealVision, SideVision, DownVision, and low power/high frequency CHIRP Sonar, a fishfinder sounder module capable of 2kW matched with a compatible thru-hull 2kW or 3kW (preferred) LM CHIRP transducer (ex. R509LM) would be recommended for fishing the depths specified. When operating at such depths, 28kHz fixed frequency would typically be recommended.
So what Raymarine sonar(s) blackboxes, and transducers model #'s are needed for my sonar application. Can you provide a list with 2 axiom 16xl MFD. Dead rise is 13°.
Please advise, thanks again! !
Fish On,

A E70258 CP570 Professional CHIRP Sonar Module and A80211 R509 LM 3KW CHIRP Transducer would be recommended for this application. If additionally seeking RealVision, SideVision, DownVision, and low power/high frequency CHIRP Sonar, a RVX1000 RealVision Sonar Module and a T70319 RV-220 Bronze Through Hull Transducer Pack would additionally be recommended.
1 issue that may not be. Were I fish/boat, the bay in some spots are real shallow. 3' of Water to get out the inlet. We also fish in 10' -8500' of water. Will the 3kw work in shallow water, and will work good as a fishfinder in the shallow water, and is the 3kw a good application for what I'm using it for. Or, is a 2kw a better option.
Reminder, also getting the Rvx1000 side/down scan chirp. So if it don't work in shallow water, I will have the Rvx1000 transducers as an option.
Fish On,

The recommendation for the 3kW over the 2kW transducer was not for power output, the CP570 is capped at 2kW. The additional elements within the 3kW transducer would make it more sensitive and therefore better able to acquire the maximum operational depth which you have specified. When operating in shallow water, fixed medium frequency would be recommended and you may find that the CP570/R509 LM 3KW CHIRP Transducer will hold bottom to as low as 3' of water depth beneath the transducer. Generally, most would switch over to using low power / high frequency CHIRP SONAR supported by the RVX1000 and RV transducers when operating in such very shallow water.
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