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Full Version: [CA11] Waterlogged Dragonfly! Hoping for a miracle!
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My Dragonfly 4 was left in the hold of my kayak which filled with water in a storm. Not until I went to put it in winter storage did I discover my Dragonfly frozen into a block of ice. I finally melted it and got it out, but now it’s filled with water. It’s been in a bag of rice for a month, but still sloshes with water inside. It never had power to it when wet. Is there ANY chance it’s still going to work? HELP!
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Unlike the cases of Raymarine MFDs, the cases of Dragonfly displays are permanently sealed. When submerged under the conditions which you have specified, water likely entered via the display's power/transducer interface or chart card reader. It would be recommended that you try removing the chart card reader's cover to see if you can get any of the water out via the reader and/or leave the chart reader cover off and place the display in a low humidity environment for period of time long enough to permit no water movement sound to be heard from within the display.
Thanks for the reply Chuck. I did indeed find that water came out of the card slot when I remove the card. Knowing that this was beyond any warranty issue, I also peeled back the serial number sticker, hoping to find a case screw. I found instead, a small [censored] covered by a membrane. I punctured that membrane and released the vacuum holding the water in. About a cup poured out. I now have it sealed in a bag with two large 1/2 pound silica gel desiccant pads. I will leave it there until spring and pray for a miracle! I really don’t look forward to replacing a graph that’s only a year and a half old!
You're welcome.
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